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6254 20lawville smWolcott Hospital on Lake Avenue in Wolcott, New York was the last private hospital to serve Wayne County. Established in 1935 by Robert G. Stuck, M.D. and George Pasco, M.D. as the Wolcott Clinic, Wolcott Hospital faithfully served its community for 31 years.

As the community grew, so did the hospital.  In 1949 the facility added a new wing and officially changed its name. Due to the commonality of physicians and patients in Wayne County, Wolcott Hospital worked with the other county facilities.  Dr. Pascodied in 1953, but the son of Robert G. Struck, M.D. — Robert G. Stuck Jr., M.D. — took over the hospital when his father died.

In 1965, Congress passed Medicare and Medicaid, creating challenges for small hospitals. The Cato Citizen reported on October 5, 1967 that “rigid rules and regulations of the Medicare program, especially the ‘fireproof’ building requirements” forced Wolcott Hospital to close. After July 1, 1966, Wolcott Hospital received no additional patients.

Photo credit: www.rochestergeneral.org

  • 6254 20lawville sm

Posted: August 17, 2014


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